Lsf Jamaat sends heartfelt gratitude to the entire Islamic Community.


Eid ul Fitri is an auspicious occasion in the entire Moslem community globally. It is a moment of reflection and submission to God Almighty for his abundance mercy,grace and kindness. Islamic brothers and sisters all over the world have finished fasting and praying for 30 days and the bright moon has appeared.

LSF Jamaat in Lilongwe,is celebrating the occasion at an open ground. The event is attended by hundreds of people and their families.


They would like to thank the Lilongwe Sunni Foundation Members, Volunteers and Donors who have stood by their Jamaat by sacrificing their precious time and invaluable support for all their projects and fund raising endeavors.

Several Donors,Volunteers and Members in attendance.

A sincere appreciation goes to the fund raising team for striving and ensuring the contributions for the beds and hospital equipment is completed. 

A huge milestone and sweet victory.It is!
They thank all the members and Donors who have stood with them from inception of LSF HOSPITAL and donated beds and taken shares for the equipment. 
Among the big accomplishment by the Jamaat is the purchase of the property adjacent to the Mosque and the hospital properties.  
Once again it couldn’t have been possible without the Donors.
A huge Jazak-Allah Khair is sent to you and your families. Know that every contribution is invaluable, needed and much appreciated in this Holy month of Ramadhan. They trust and rely and make dua for their continuous support In Shaa Allah Aameen.

As the Islamic world has come to the end of the Blessed month of Ramadhan,they wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak.
The members who took out time to sit in Intikaaf, Allah accept it and reward them,
“Please! remember our brothers and sisters in Palestine and those suffering hardships around the world, May Allah protect them, have mercy on them, save them from oppression and make it easy for them In Shaa Allah Aameen.”

Among the Trustees,Directors and Officials of LSF

Their last words are;
May Allah Taala grant you a day full of love and happiness spent in the company of family and friends.”
In Shaa Allah Aameen.

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