Four Indian fierce fraudsters escaping Zambia to Malawi


It has transpired that the four fierce fraudsters who recently escaped criminal charges in Zambia are coming to Malawi to seek refuge.

There are; Kalpesh Patel, Chetan Jain, Ketan Shastri and Parth Raval are reportedly, hardcore fraudsters who terrorized Zambia’s capital, Lusaka.

The four, former employees of Mount Meru, a petroleum company, were recently dragged to court, in Lusaka, to answer charges on fraud, espionage and corruption; the escaped and are reportedly planning to establish themselves in Malawi.

“The four Indians were dragged to court for allegedly being involved in stealing mount Meru company’s information, relating to construction of filling stations, and attempting to corrupt the company’s officer,” said the source in an interview.

Added the source: “the accused persons stole company’s valuable intellectual properties including Bill of quantities, cement and steel, diagrams and all images related to the construction of the filling station.

“Available information further indicates that the eight suspects are hardcore cyber criminals who can tapper with computer systems with an intent of scamming.

The alleged crooks are also accused of being masters of corruption; they, in Lusaka, have bribed several officers while dealing with their fraudulent activities.Security agents have since been urged to be alert, and tighten security in all entry points to avoid allowing dangerous criminals from entering the country.

This is happening at a time most Malawians are complaining that some Indians are worsening corruption in the country.

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