Asian Association of Maravi Donates K3 Million to Malawi Police Service


The Asian Association of Maravi,a grouping of Malawians of Asian origin which has members who were born and raised in Malawi.

On 1st October,2021 made a huge difference of financial assistance towards the preparation of Centenary Celebrations organised by the Malawi Police Services to mark 100 years since the establishment of the national law enforcing institution.

Malawi Police Services was established to ensure ‘the protection of public safety and the rights of persons in Malawi’ as per section 153 of Malawi constitution. Offenders under 4(1(d)) of the Police Act,there is also duty to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

Mr Jayesh Patel and Ravesh Patel handed over the whooping cheque of K3 Million on behalf of the association to the Inspector General of Police Dr George Kainja.

“Firstly,let me register our utmost sympathy and sincere condolences to the association for the untimely demise of your former chairperson and renowned human rights activist comrade Rafik Hajat,who until his death he was a reliable friend to me and the entire policing fraternity.” I.G Kainja lamented.

He went further to add;”We are extremely delighted with this donation as it will go a long way in our preparations of the upcoming event and let me add here your association has been a good friend indeed,what a true pillar in need. You engage yourselves in various activities in complimenting our services.We do not take your efforts and dedication for granted.”

Mr Jayesh Patel on behalf of AAM thanked the MPS for accepting their donation and as well for their extension of consoling message. He added their organisation appreciate the role of the Police officers are under taking across the country in making sure the citizens are safe and protected from any harm. They promised to continue helping the MPS whenever they’re in the position to do so.

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