Abdul Karim shoots himself in the leg.


As the matter is within public interest and knowledge. I took it upon myself to attentively investigate and analyze it entirely.

I find Mr Abdul Karim Batatawala not been honest in sharing facts and substantiative evidence to defend himself amicably against the Business man Mr Adamson Mkandawire. Whom Mr Batatawala submitted a commercial complaint against him at the High Court of Malawi.

On 5th March,2021.

Batatawala claims he loaned the sum of K378,400,000.00 to Mr Adamson Mkandawire through his agent Mr Fulwali Mohamed Kassam Abdul Majid based at Nairobi in Kenya. He further claims the money was to be used to chatter a cargo plane on behalf of Mr Mkandawire from Nairobi to Lilongwe.

According to Mr Batatawala,the loan was to be defrayed by or before the 14th March,2021,that’s nine days time frame.

Referencing the court documents in my possession,it is clearly stated Mr Mkandawire refuted the claims,neither did he receive nor utilize any 1 tambala from Mr Batatawala or his Kenya based forex agent.

It is interestingly revealing Mr Batatawala’s character of deceptive tactics, I suppose.

One may wonder;

• Why the alleged sum of money is speculated to have been paid through a forex agent in Kenya,is this not MONEY LAUNDERING?

• Which bank performed the transaction? Can he present a bank statement?

• Who received the money,was it cash or electronic cash transfer(eft),where is the receipt?

• The cargo plane was carrying what? and when did it arrived at KIA, Mr Batatawala must present a bill of landing and custom clearance certificate.

• Can he substantiate the presence of Mr Mkandawire in Kenya receiving or utilizing the money?

• Mr Batatawala has now asked the matter to be resolved out of court. Why now seeking mediation table?

It appears Mr Batatawala is not only misleading the nation but as well fighting against capable businessman for no apparent reason.

This is character assassination against the innocent man.

I implore the Finacial Intelligence Authority to take keen interest in thoroughly investigating Mr Batatawala’s business transactions locally and internationally. Something seems not to sit well about him.

I find his claims unwarranting,time wasting and without evidence.

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